Rendezvous with the Real You!


A Soulgazm Rendezvous with Kerani Marie

You are invited to join a community of consciously evolving women to manifest your life’s purpose through archetypal wisdom and world-class mentoring.

Whether you are ready to bring your gifts into the world as an entrepreneur, or simply want to deepen your life’s path from the ordinary to the extraordinary, there is a place for you here.

The Journeys of SoWISE takes you through 13 different archetypes of the Divine Feminine as well as offering you a chance to break through old limitations that have kept your gifts small. Together we will plant and nourish the seeds of your dreams and watch them grow.

At the end of your journey, you walk away with priceless wisdom and insights as well as practical support in integrating this inspiration into your career, health and relationships.

dalai lama

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman”
– the Dalai Lama

WELCOME to the SoWISE – Sisterhood of Women Igniting Soulful Evolution.Imagine taking a journey where your soul was reminded of its highest calling.

Imagine being surrounded by sisters who are available to mentor and support you through the internal resistance and self-sabotage that has kept you from living your dreams and serving the planet in the biggest and best way you can.

Imagine taking this journey knowing that at the end you will have the tools and resources you need to make your visions a reality.

Kerani Marie is calling in Women who will be the change they want to see in the world.They are committed to their personal evolution and have a Soulgazmic* vision waiting to be born.

They are women who want to be part of a new model that creates a living community of sisterhood while igniting the sacred and deep relationship with oneself and life.

* A Soulgazm is the celebration of your soul’s authentic expression. A rendezvous with the Real You!