Emerging Woman by Kerani Marie

Come sit with me by the fire and listen
as I share Sophia and Anna’s journey.

Painting by Kerani Marie

About Emerging Woman

Emerging Woman is a novel inspired by visions and dreams. Twenty years ago a vision from Grandmother Spirit enlivened the landscape of this story. Slowly, the layers and mystery were revealed, the characters emerged and each took their place as archetypal reflections of our shared stories and struggles in the pursuit of freedom.

Grandmother Spirit, the Soul Whisperer awaits the women’s arrival in the red-rock Canyonlands of Southern Utah. Here, her heart is at peace, Old memories are awakening as she ceremonially prepares to tell a story.

Sophia is off on a whirlwind odyssey through the back pages of her own life after a vision quest reveals a long-buried secret.

As the storms of life toss her in and out of the arms of grace, Sophia discovers and nurtures an inherent determination to find spiritual meaning in every challenge along the way, even at the edge of death.

Anna is an unwilling passenger on this wild ride, holding on for dear life through a 50-year-long rite of passage from shame to freedom.

Overlaid with the gauze of dreams and clarified by flashes of grace, Grandmother Spirit’s story is told as it came to pass both in our tangible world and in the world of reflections and alternate possibilities.

The Sacred Canyon, by Kerani Marie
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Praises for Emerging Woman

This story is a gripping page turner, which by simply reading, heals your own heart.

Marta Maria
M.A. Holistic Practitioner & founder of Goddess Collective

I spent an entire flight reading this amazing book of divine feminine wisdom. It was torture when we landed and I had to put it down-I was enthralled! The Emerging Woman has deepened my appreciation for Spirit and furthered my journey of self-healing. I am deeply moved and inspired by this exquisite, tenderhearted and deeply resonate story. I cried tears of joy and appreciation when I read it.

Kate Greer
Mother of Contagious Vulnerability and Shepherdess of the Compound of Joy

Emerging Woman: A Rite of Passage from Shame to Freedom is timely and will not be forgotten. The story reminds me how to live ensouled, while also beckoning the Divine Feminine to linger at my side, as I host her energies, as my counsel.

Brenda Littleton
Counselor and Professor of psychology and graduate writing

The story of Emerging Woman stunned me into silence (a very rare thing). The story is gripping with no slow points. This is by far the best book on a woman’s personal journey to freedom that I have ever read.

Pam Rousseau
MFT Marriage and Family Therapist

Reading Emerging Woman, I found comfort and support in knowing that I will always be on my soul’s journey. This was reflected in the author’s messages and gave me guidance to allow myself to do so. I learned to “Listen to a deeper voice rather than one of judgment and shame” and to “Honor my inner guidance”. I know many women who are in a “lost soul” place in their lives. I feel deeply in my heart that this book could really serve them.

Tina Root McBride

Emerging Woman doesn’t hold back anything, allowing the reader to be intimate with the story. This is a book for anyone who cares about women. And anyone who wants to know MORE about life and truth. My favorite line is, “Practice being still inside when the world around you is in chaos”.

Brookelyn Sproviero
Professional Corporate Sales

I am certain that this amazing and beautiful story of Emerging Woman will resonate with anyone on a path of spiritual growth and self-awareness. It reflects how we can take each agonizing trauma and move beyond it. The story is captivating right from the start.

Carolyn Sell
Classical Cellist

Emerging Woman walks the reader through the painstaking journey of spiritual awakening like no other book has done. For most of us on the path, we truggle alone in the dark. This book lets you know you can walk through the ‘Dark Nights of The Soul’ and not only survive, but be wiser and better for it. You can find peace and equanimity and a deeper connection to your own soul and to Source itself. Sophia is a tenacious and committed spiritual warrioress. She has journeyed many times to the depths of despair, has been lost—adrift at sea without a compass—and has returned to land with all the gifts one finds in the ‘Heroine’s Journey.’ For anyone on a path of spiritual awakening, this book will be a much-welcomed lifeline, guide, and companion for the journey.

Tina M. Benson, M.A.
Author of A Woman Unto Herself: A Different Kind of Love Story and Soul Whisperings: Erotic and Devotional Love Poems for an Outer or Inner Beloved

About Kerani Marie

kerani marie devi

Photo by Noelle Gabermann Photography

Kerani Marie is an inner-wisdom guide for women on the sacred feminine journey.

With 40 years of immersion in multicultural spiritual teachings and healing practices, her wisdom is informed by direct experience with spiritual and healing crises.

Kerani Marie’s authentic heart inspires the conscious emergence of souls through her writings, art, ceremonies and rituals. She is a Craniosacral Practitioner and Reiki Master in 2 lineages.

Kerani Marie is the founder of The Center for Living Wisdom, Women Igniting Soulful Evolution W.I.S.E., and The Soulgazm Rendezvous. She is author of Cycle of Life Journey, published in 1998, and Emerging Woman, releasing in Summer 2018. She currently lives in Sonoma County, CA. with her husband.