Soulgazm Essences

What is a Soulgazm?

A Soulgazm is the celebration of your soul’s authentic expression. A rendezvous with the Real You!

Something so beautiful it takes your breath away and you feel a moment of perfection that permeates your life and you know a timeless bliss.

When you feel a love so potent you’re sure you will explode from so much joy.

When your soul is dancing in delight and you are passionately alive.

These are Soulgazm Moments

Imagine dancing in a glistening mist of flowers beneath the immensity of the cosmos that is shimmering in delight. Your song to the Divine Beloved penetrates the veil of illusion and in an instant the bondage evaporates. Released from your shadows, your shining essence glimpses, through tears of joy, the nakedness of your true self. Kissed by the breath of life, you know you are the Divine Face of God. This is a Soulgazm!

The Creation of Soulgazm Essences

The Mist of The Lakes Soulgazm Essence evolved from the first Women’s Soulgazm Retreat. My desire to share the essence of the treasured experiences inspired the idea to capture the energy and feelings in a mist.

The Soulgazm Essences, Mist of the Lakes are blends of essential oils and flower essences that capture the feeling of a Soulgazm and the Mist of the Lake. Each new blend is inspired by the Soulgazm Rendezvous Retreats and wisdom generated by the women who attend.

The Ceremony and Blessing

When the essences arrive at my “House near the Lakes”, they are placed in the womb of Mother Earth within the Sacred Fire Circle. Here they capture the fire’s afterglow, bathed in the warmth of the morning sun and enlightened by the radiance of grandmother moon as the glistening stardust and mist of the lakes gently merge to grace them. From the womb of the Divine Mother and women’s wisdom, the Soulgazm Essences, Mist of the Lakes are ceremonially birthed to adorn you with their blessings.


I invite you to mist your body and spirit to awaken the essence that is divinely you. You can spray your sheets, adorn your bath or mist your car. Use your imagination and be prepared to experience a Soulgazm filled with grace.

I would love to here from you and discover how you mist and Soulgazm your life. You can also contact me if you wish to attend or host a Soulgazm Rendezvous Retreat. Email me at

From the Soulgazm of my Heart,

Kerani Marie