the writings, teachings and healing work of Kerani Marie Devi

Kerani Marie Devi facilitates Soulgazm Retreats retreats. She has led healing and meditation classes and retreats for over 20 years.

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Gathering of Women's Wisdom
A Soulgazm Retreat is a gathering of women who:

  • Embrace the joy of discovery
  • Invite the challenge of transformation
  • Revel in their authenticity
  • Wish to awaken to their soul's wisdom.

I invite you to join me in igniting the passion of your soul's purpose as you reconnect to your feminine nature and celebrate in your uniqueness.

"You are who you are and that is all. And that is all that needs to be."
-Casandra Light

Soul's Dancing retreats provide a creative space for your unique expression of life force to be heard and seen in a sacred atmosphere of acceptance and celebration. It is never too late to blossom.

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Weekly radio broadcast
with Kerani Marie

Join Kerani Marie Devi in her weekly radio show that explores and touches the healing power of the radiant essence of life.

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Companion Audio Series to Kerani's book Cycle of Life Journey

The Heart of Healing audio series is an in-depth commentary on 52 teachings for life and the spirit. Each CD is $10 (plus shipping)

The Soulgazm Connection Free Introductory Talk

In this special subscription series, Kerani Marie explores Soulgazms, the orgasm of the soul. Discover what a Soulgazm feels like and learn how to ignite it in your heart and soul.

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FREE! Two talks with Kerani Marie about The Soulgazm Connection.

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Cycle of Life Journey: 52 Journeys of Self-Awareness
These 52 journeys are a bold and light-hearted exploration of life's complexity, simplicity, and profound impermanence. These journeys question perceived truths we hold of life and inquire candidly into the nature of being human. As you journey through the cycles of humanness, tears and laughter can bathe you in the mystery of life's infinite potential, allowing you to experience greater awareness, experience, compassion, and love. Included in the book are 11 Experiential Exercises.
$14.95 softcover.

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6 Distinctive Blends

4 oz  $22

Each blend has it's own unique quality......

Awakening to your true nature that is Divinely Feminine. As truth enriches the feminine soul's experience of inspired artistry, iridescent vision and spiritual guidance, you can breathe in your divine feminine essence and experience deep soulfulness.

Other blends include:
     Ring of Fire

Seasons of the Soul Blends include:
     Autumn Glow
      Winter Magic

Soulgazm Retreats Healing Wisdom Dolls

The creative part of Soulgazm Retreats honors the process of crafting a personal piece of art as transformation, awakening & spiritual medicine. By creating a Healing Wisdom Doll that embodies the beauty and spirit of your uniqueness you will have a reflection of your authentic self and the gifts you bring to the world. This image becomes your guide back to the sacred feminine, your souls purpose and divine love.

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Kerani Marie Devi

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