Cycle of Life Journey by Kerani Marie

Cycle of Life Journey

52 Journeys of Self-Awareness

“Walk with me and experience the transformational power of touching the burning essence of life.”

~ Kerani Marie

Cycle of Life Journey is an adventure of self-awareness that will lead you through the seasonal cycles of humanness: from the mystery of life’s infinite potential, to the experience of love and compassion, and then to the wisdom of your own heart, which holds the answer to the question, “What is my part?”

The experiences within this book are alive with the ever-changing dance of life as it ushers us through the seasonal transitions of life and living. These 52 journeys are a bold and light-hearted exploration of life’s complexity, simplicity, and profound impermanence. These journeys question perceived truths we hold of life and inquire candidly into the nature of being human.

As you journey through these cycles of humanness, tears and laughter can bathe you in the mystery of life’s infinite potential, allowing you to experience greater awareness, experience, compassion, and love. This journey will bring to light the answer to life’s most important question, “What is my part?”

“Every chapter I read in Cycle of Life Journey feels like a road is being paved for me to have the courage to write my own book.”

~ Jolene Christensen, Seeker of inner truth

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