About Kerani Marie

Kerani Marie Devi is an Inner-Wisdom guide who has spent over 30 years cultivating a relationship with the sacred and awakening to her soul’s purpose.

She is a meditation & intuitive wisdom teacher, author, columnist, artist, Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner, Reiki teacher and SRI facilitator. She creates & directs programs inspiring women to deepen into their divine feminine nature.

As a world traveler and a lifetime student of the mystery, Kerani Marie has received teachings and practices while participating in Eastern, Native American, Jungian, and Shamanic traditions. Her passion is to creatively inspire the connection of hearts and souls.

Kerani Marie’s life and purpose are guided by a passion for cultivating a deep relationship with the sacred and her commitment to personal soulful evolution.

Kerani brings the richness of her direct experience with her Spiritual and Healing Crisis as well as the diverse background of multicultural Spiritual teachings and healing practices to everyone she touches.