About Kerani Marie

About Kerani Marie

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Photo by Noelle Gabermann Photography

Kerani Marie is an inner-wisdom guide for women on the sacred feminine journey.

With 40 years of immersion in multicultural spiritual teachings and healing practices, her wisdom is informed by direct experience with spiritual and healing crises.

Kerani Marie’s authentic heart inspires the conscious emergence of souls through her writings, art, ceremonies and rituals. She is a Craniosacral Practitioner and Reiki Master in 2 lineages.

Kerani Marie is the founder of SoWISE Creations, The Center for Living Wisdom, Women Igniting Soulful Evolution W.I.S.E., and The Soulgazm Rendezvous. She is author of Cycle of Life Journey, published in 1998, and Emerging Woman, published in 2018. She currently lives in Sonoma County, CA. with her husband.