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Soulgazm Retreats Healing Wisdom Dolls

The creative part of Soulgazm Retreats honors the process of crafting a personal piece of art as transformation, awakening & spiritual medicine. By creating a Healing Wisdom Doll that embodies the beauty and spirit of your uniqueness you will have a reflection of your authentic self and the gifts you bring to the world. This image becomes your guide back to the sacred feminine, your souls purpose and divine love.

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A gathering of the Healing Wisdom Doll's creators, who came together to celebrate their joy and appreciation as one.

The dolls spontaneously migrated to the piano as they were finished. The song each doll sung was supported by the music held within the grand piano.

After the piano gig, the Healing Wisdom Dolls displayed themselves on the red sandstone connecting to mother earth -- the source of inspiration and support.

The deep connection that was expressed while designing the clothing that mirrored the inner wisdom of each woman was palpable.


Gallery of Healing Wisdom Dolls

Party Girl
I spontaneously and fearlessly express myself with joy and exuberance. I play, dance and sing, free of concern about proprieties and responsibilities. I am the exuberant celebration of life.

I am stylish and I like color and design. I am not afraid to be myself and my heart is so big that you can see it radiate from me in all directions. Authenticity is important to me and I am here to help others discover their inspiration to live authentically.

Mother Goddess
I didn't want to dress the doll at first. I thought, "why do I have to dress up or decorate this doll who is already perfect the way she is?" Divine, celestial, a goddess. Then I began to realize I could actually express who I was (or want to be) to others with this process. It also clarified for me who I AM. Once I started “dressing” her, I felt my passion and soul's purpose permeating through the doll. It was so expanding.

Like the flower, I am bold and open to receive others, while at the same time I eagerly share my gifts of passion and softness. I have two golden rings on my shoulders, which are wings that express the commitment between me and living my soul's purpose. My clothes symbolize the fact that I am colorful and playful. My flowing purple outer dress shows that I flow with life; the hot colors of my miniskirt and tights symbolize that I love to have fun. I wear a feather in my hair to remind me of my connection to nature and the freedom of the birds, which are able to gracefully fly in the world. I wear my heart of gold to remind me to live compassionately and graciously.

Ventana (window)
I am the goddess of seeing through to the next place. I am dressed in a shear frock. The fabric, with its small openings, represents the openness with which I experience my next step in this beautiful dance. My sash is tied with a climber's knot to remind me of the trust I have in myself and in the universe to provide all that I need. The heart -- held for all to see -- and the golden breath that leaves my mouth show emotions leading to authentic expression. My boots, while grounding, put a spring in my step as I connect with where I am while moving on to the next place.

The Sky and Earth Dancer
I am a visionary who sees the big picture like an eagle. I am connected to the stars and can hear celestial wisdom. I am fully grounded with my feet wrapped in the fur of the bear, deeply rooted in the earth medicines. I roar truth and sooth the soul with tenderness as I play and dance between the worlds.

Kerani Marie Devi facilitates Soulgazm Retreats retreats. She has led healing and meditation classes and retreats for over 20 years.

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