What others have said about Kerani Marie and her work:

"If I had to choose the three most important things in my life Kerani Marie would be one of them."
    Lanae Valentine
    Reiki teacher, Health food consultant
    March 2006

"My sessions with Kerani Marie were some of the most dynamic and self-altering experiences I have had in my many encounters with body workers. Kerani Marie is an intuitive healer with a gift she thoroughly enjoys giving and sharing. Thank the universe for empowering her to embrace us."
    Wanda M. Stump
    LMT, Reiki Master, Reconnection Practitioner
    May 2006

"While Kerani was working with me - I felt like the whole universe was celebrating. Thank you."
    N. L.
    December 2001

"The compassion and understanding Kerani Marie brings to a therapy session is tangible the moment you meet her. Through years of self-healing and assisting others in their healing process, she easily perceives avenues to release the tension and stress in the entire body. Although her touch is subtle, the depth of healing is profound."
    NMT, Polarity Practitioner/Teacher
    January 2004

"My dear, dear Kerani… you are beautifully living life, not sitting back on your ass while you are watching others living THEIR lives, but, indeed, you are throwing yourself right into the flame. How absolutely beautiful!!! On that day when you leave your present physical body behind, you can leave in blissful peace knowing that you took on life head on, with all the risks, pains, joys, and agonies…. and you lived!!!! What a wonderful message (hence, lesson) to your kids and grandchildren: 'Get in there, in the thick of it, and live your life!!!'"
    Ralph H. Kilmann, Ph.D.
    July 2006

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