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Hosting a Soulgazm Retreats weekend :

Women who host Soulgazm Retreats find as much joy in their friends awakening to their personal wisdom as they do their own. They feel inspired by the opportunity to provide an avenue for women's creative expression and wisdom to be shared in community.

HOSTING: If you choose to host or know someone who would like to host a Soulgazm Retreat there is a substantial discount for the retreat and for a private healing session with Kerani Marie Devi. Your part as a host is to gather the women, provide the space and with assistance from the participants, prepare the simple light meals or I can hire someone to cook. This affects the cost of the retreat. I do provide the money for food. I generally request a minimum of 10 women and maximum of 12 to 14 depending on the space.

RETREAT: The retreat begins on Friday night and ends Sunday evening.

DISCOUNT: This varies depending on whether you provide your home or have to rent a facility. Your discount is 50% off the retreat and healing session if it is held out side your home. There is a 75% discount if held in your home.

SPACE: I prefer having the retreat in a private home because there is a feeling of comfort and a freedom of expression in a home. When women stay together in a residential retreat the community deepens and work is more profound.

If you were unable to have the retreat in your home perhaps a friend or relative who is attending would provide their home. If this is the case the discount can be shared. If a facility is rented the cost is passed on to each participant.

MEALS: I provide the money for the food based on a per person budget. I can help with the meal planning if you wish. I have found that keeping it simple is the best. Soups, salads and casserole dishes work well.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Private healing sessions are made available for several days after the retreat for the participants and their families. I provide Biodynamic Craniosacral session, SRI, a deepening into skills I teach at the retreat, and personal spiritual counseling. The participants receive a 25% discount and families receive 10% discount.

COST: Retreat cost vary depending on the space used for the retreat. If it is held in your home the cost for the weekend, which includes 6 meals, art supplies and Soulgazm Essence Mist, is $525 and $475 with an early registration discount.

MY ACCOMMODATIONS: I will need a place to stay and provide healing sessions after the retreat. If possible your home would be the ideal place.

I would love to hear from you if you are interested in hosting a Soulgazm Retreat or want more information. Email address

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