Kerani Marie presents

Gathering the Circle of Women:
Celebrating Feminine Wisdom & Soulful Living

Soulgazm Retreats are a weekend retreat designed for women like you who are committed to the journey of being conscious, healing and living in relationship with your spirit and soul. You are women who are passionate about discovering your human potential, your healing power and the gifts you have to bring to the world. Our time together will be creatively exhilarating, joyfully awakening, and transformative as you uncover your uniqueness.

Soulgazm Retreats are a time for you and your friends to come together and:

  • Re-Discover the gifts your soul's bring to the world
  • Celebrate and express your wild feminine wisdom
  • Experience a heart and soul connection with women

The creative part of Soulgazm Retreats honors the process of crafting a personal piece of art as transformation, awakening & spiritual medicine. By creating a Spirit Doll that embodies the beauty and spirit of your uniqueness you will have a reflection of your authentic self and the gifts you
bring to the world. This image becomes your guide back to the sacred feminine, your souls purpose and divine love.

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"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy that is translated through you in action. And because there is only one you in all time, this expression is unique. If you block it, it will never exist through any other medium the world will not have it."
- Martha Graham

The Soulgazm Retreats weekend includes:

  • Identifying the gifts of your soul
  • Discovering what keeps you from fully expressing your gifts
  • Writing your soul's purpose
  • Developing action steps to support your soul's purpose.
  • Creating a Spirit Doll that embodies your uniqueness and the gifts of your soul.
  • Experiencing the mysterious synchronicity of a give -away - the giving of something that has inspired your spirit and touched your heart.
  • Learning new skills for self-healing and inner-connection
  • Enjoying the enchanted community of women

Hosting a Soulgazm Retreats weekend :

Women who host Soulgazm Retreats find as much joy in their friends awakening to their personal wisdom as they do their own. They feel inspired by the opportunity to provide an avenue for women's creative expression and wisdom to be shared in community.

Soulgazm Retreats are a unique opportunity for you to gather your friends and host this retreat. Being a women on her own path of discovery and transformation, I imagine that you have a passion for helping others discover their human potential and their souls purpose as you share in the celebration.

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Kerani Marie Devi facilitates Soulgazm Retreats retreats. She has led healing and meditation classes and retreats for over 20 years.

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